We are currently updating our website; some information on this page may still concern the winter term’s lecture series and will be updated as soon as possible.


Yes, the Planetary Health Academy is open to all interested people. Being enrolled at a university is not a prerequisite for admission.

The second round of the Planetary Health Academy is complementary to last summer’s first round. It is a complete course in itself which you can also join if you do not know the lectures of our first lecture cycle. Yet, we put special emphasis on important aspects of Planetary Health that we did not cover comprehensively in the first round, such as gender perspectives, international dimensions and urban planning. The course will hereby also provide new insights for all participants of the first lecture cycle, while being a stand-alone course for new participants alike.


Yes, participation in the Planetary Health Academy is free of charge.

The Planetary Health Academy’s online lectures take place with the online tool "Zoom" as "online webinars". In order to organise this, we transfer the participants' data to Zoom and invite them to each individual lecture with a personalised invitation link.

We make sure that Zoom is configured in such a way that all "online webinars" can be implemented safely and without any disruption. We only transfer participants' data to Zoom if it is absolutely necessary for participation in these "online webinars". Further information on this topic can be found in our privacy policy.

Yes, all lectures will be recorded and published on YouTube. Please note that lectures watched on YouTube do not count towards the five lectures required to receive a certificate of participation. Past lectures can be found under 'Materials'.

The Planetary Health Academy consists of six lectures, which will take place every other Wednesday (with a longer break over the holiday season) from 5:00 to 6:30pm CET, beginning on November 18th 2020.

Lectures usually take 90 minutes.

No, the texts or videos uploaded in advance by the lecturers in the 'Materials' section are for voluntary preparation or follow-up.

If you no longer wish to participate in the lecture series, please unsubscribe by sending an email to info@planetary-health-academy.de with the subject "Unsubscribe". For technical reasons it is unfortunately not sufficient to cancel your registration via Zoom or to just unsubscribe from the email invitation list.

Get involved

On the get involved page, you will find a list of all existing Health For Future local groups and contacts. If no group is active in your city yet, you can be the founder of a new group. Feel free to contact us about this at kontakt@healthforfuture.de


Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of participation issued by the German Climate Change and Health Alliance e.V. (KLUG) if they have attended at least five out of the six lectures live via Zoom. For technical reasons, watching a lecture on YouTube afterwards is not sufficient to qualify as participation. This also means that if you register later than the second lecture, we cannot issue a certificate of participation either.

Certificates of participation will be sent out automatically in the weeks following the last lecture. There is no need to apply for this separately.

Some universities award ECTS points for the participation in the Planetary Health Academy. To find out more, please get in touch with your local contact person. You can find these contacts  on our get involved page.

For medical doctors in Germany and Austria there is the possibility of accreditation. Information can be found in German below.

Für in Deutschland praktizierende Ärzt*innen ist eine Anerkennung der Planetary Health Academy als CME Fortbildung möglich. Die Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit e.V. (KLUG) hat alle Vorlesungen der Planetary Health Academy als Fortbildungsmaßnahmen bei der Berliner Ärztekammer anerkennen lassen. Für jede einzelne Vorlesung können Sie zwei Fortbildungspunkte bekommen. Die Beantragung der Fortbildungspunkte können Sie über dieses Formular online an uns abschicken: https://planetary-health-academy.de/efn-erfassung/

Die Beantragung der Fortbildungspunkte ist im vorhinein bzw. bis zu drei Tage nach einer Vorlesung möglich. Bitte achten Sie unbedingt darauf, dass bei der Formular-Eingabe Ihre EFN-Nummer korrekt eingegeben ist. Wir gleichen Ihre Daten nach den Richtlinien der Berliner Ärztekammer mit dem Teilnahme-Protokoll von der Online-Vorlesung ab und melden Ihre Daten an die Berliner Ärztekammer, damit die Fortbildungspunkte auf Ihr Punktekonto gutgeschrieben werden. Außerdem bekommen Sie für jede einzelne Online-Vorlesung von KLUG eine Teilnahmebescheinigung als Pdf-Datei.

In Österreich praktizierende Ärzt*innen, die sich dfp-Punkte anrechnen lassen wollen, können nach jeder besuchten Vorlesung eine Mail an Heinz Fuchsig unter folgender Mailadresse schreiben: h.fuchsig@ikbnet.at

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