The following survey is part of the Planetary Health Academy. To take part in the lecture series, we kindly ask you to fill it out. It will take approximately 5 minutes. The evaluation is anonymous. Thank you for your participation.

    2.) What gender do you identify with?

    3.) What is you current full-time activity?

    7.) I would rate my knowledge on Planetary Health as:
    Not specifiedVery goodGoodAveragePoorVery poor

    8.) Are you currently active in the climate movement?

    9.) How is Planetary Health integrated into your education?

    10.) The teaching on Planetary Health in my current/completed education is…
    Not specifiedToo muchSufficientToo little

    11.) How did you hear about the Planetary Health Academy?

    12.) Which of our social media channels do you know?

    13.) The survey is anonymous, but we want to compare aswers before and after the end of the lecture series. We therefore ask you for a personal code based on the following information that will anonymize the answers, but will allow us to match before and after (the result in the example would be: AN05IA)

    - The first two letters of your mother's first name: e.g.B. AN at "Anne"
    - Your month of birth in two digits: e.g.B. May = 05
    - The third letter of your surname: e.g. Smith = I
    - The first letter of your current place of residence: Amsterdam = A

    Please insert your personal code here:

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