Social Tipping Intervention Lab in Essen (in English)

  • Dates: February 24th 2023 from 2pm-7pm CET and February 25th 2023 from 9am-6pm CET
  • Location: Stiftung Mercator, Huyssenallee 40 in Essen
  • Follow-up meeting (online): March 31th 2023 from 4-6pm CET
  • Application deadline: January 29th 2023

The concept of “social tipping interventions” plays an increasingly important role in the climate science and movement, giving many people confidence that they can make a difference despite escalating global crises. The model describes contagious processes of rapidly spreading technologies, behaviors, social norms and structural reorganizations.

What does the concept of social tipping interventions imply for our practice of action? How can we work with social tipping interventions in our fields of action and transformational projects? What allies can we gain that previously seemed unreachable? How do we perceive windows of opportunity? How do we deal with experiences of powerlessness? How do we access the hidden talents in our fellow campaigners and in ourselves?

We will work intensively with these and other questions in the experimental format of the Lab. The Lab is a highly interactive format for “change agents”, i.e. people who actively shape the transformation that enables a happy and healthy life within planetary boundaries. We will focus on concrete transformation projects that you are currently working on or will initiate shortly. We kindly ask you to read the articles by Ilona Otto and Timothy Lenton and watch their respective introductory talks (here and here) in preparation for the lab.

Participation: You can apply for one of the 30 places. Please send a one-page letter of motivation – including a short description of the project you are working on/would like to start – to:

Participation fee: 100 Euros – there is a limited number of scholarships, please send a short justification.

Facilitators: Dr. Martin Herrmann, Friederike v. Gierke

Organisation: KLUG in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator

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