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In progress: Advanced Module on Climate Change and Health:

This course has already started and registrations are no longer possible. However, we intent to offer similiar courses in the future and will provide information on this website.

01.03.; 31.03.; 01.04.; 06.05.; 17.06.2022
CIH LMU Munich and Planetary Health Academy Online Course: “Climate Change and Planetary Health: Initiating and Leading Transformational change”

This advanced course is the first of its kind globally, bringing together planetary health, climate science and the transformational change perspective with participants from around the world. Held in English and completed online, you will work individually for 35 hours, in groups for 25 hours and in plenary for 30 hours. Participation will be awarded with 3 ECTS. Cost EUR 600, some scholarships can be provided. You can find more information on our flyer. For questions send an email to Lisa Hoffäller at

Welcome to the Planetary Health Academy’s website!

The Planetary Health Academy offers diverse educational formats for knowledge acquisition and empowerment for transformative action in the context of Planetary Health.

The climate crisis is a medical emergency, but also a great opportunity for social change that will enable us to live a good and healthy life on a healthy planet.
The health sector and those working in this field play a central role in communicating, preventing and handle the effects of the climate crisis. Therefore, it is essential that the topic of planetary health is anchored in the education, training and further education of all health professions.

The Planetary Health Academy contributes to this by offering educational opportunities for doctors as well as trainees, students and employees of all health professions under the motto “from knowledge to transformative action”.

The upcoming fifth edition will be held in German. As the previous lecture series we will dive into clinical aspects about Planetary Health beginning in May. We will soon update you on the programme and registration.

For our English speaking community we still have many videos, information and additional material from our first three lecture series to offer.

What is Planetary Health?

Planetary Health is an interdisciplinary field of research that brings together numerous disciplines such as environmental sciences, medicine, public health and social sciences. At its core is the idea that health is not only determined by individual parameters, such as age and gender, but is related to and dependent on surrounding factors such as the environment, socio-economic and cultural systems.

The educational formats of the Planetary Health Academy focus on the one hand on the consequences of the man-made destruction of the natural systems of our planet – especially the loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis. On the other hand, participants should be enabled to recognize possible solutions and to actively participate in a social transformation that enables a good life on a healthy planet.

You can find more background on Planetary Health here.

Would you like to help shape a future with healthy people on a healthy planet?

The Planetary Health Academy has the goal to offer a platform for networking and getting involved! We look forward to seeing you!

Connecting people from all over the world

In our international lecture series, we brought people together. If you want to meet up and connect with people interested in Planetary Health in your region, send us an email at
Here is a map showing all the countries participants of our last lecture series came from:

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