The health sector plays a central role in communicating, preventing and following up on the effects of the climate and environmental crisis. Therefore, the inclusion of the topic of climate change and Planetary Health in education, training and continuing education in all health professions must be ensured. To contribute to this, the Planetary Health Academy was founded in spring 2020 by KLUG – German Climate Change and Health Alliance and Health For Future.

Our team:


As a pedagogue and adult educator, Marischa Fast worked with general practitioners for many years in order to establish high-quality further training. Her main focus is the shaping of group processes, consulting and the conception of teaching and advanced training events. At KLUG, she is now connecting her expertise with a matter of heart: designing educational processes about transformation and planetary health.


Friederike von Gierke worked as an anaesthesiologist, until she decided to put all her effort into socio-political change. At KLUG, she is part of the projects Planetary Health Academy and Sustainable Practice. She contributes her experience from the current reform of medical studies as well as from the public relations work of a climate justice group and combines her personal core topics of communication and climate with her medical expertise.



Sabine Baunach is a medical doctor and after her studies she first spent some years in humanitarian and development aid with a focus on reproductive health. Since a few years she has made Planetary Health her profession in order to bring existing knowledge into application via transformative processes. Since then, she has worked on the topic as a consultant, lecturer, and in various roles for KLUG and Health for Future.

Currently, Sabine is supporting the Planetary Health Academy team and filling in for Marischa Fast during her absence.


Founder and chair of the German Climate Change and Health Alliance – KLUG.  Martin Herrmann has accompanied transformational change processes in global health and commercial contexts for more than 30 years. A doctor by training, he soon started to advise companies and NGOs, creating new concepts for organizational development. Today he teaches at international business schools and universities. He is especially passionate about linking complexity science and Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy to the transformational challenges of our time.


Theresa Gemke is a medical student from Mainz. She spends a lot of her free time to engage in climate and environmental activism, especially with Fridays for Future and Health for Future. Since 2021 she is part of the Planetary Health Academy Team.


Hannah Otto is studying medicine and philosophy in Freiburg with an interim year in Lausanne. Having intensified her engagement for the climatestrike movement in Lausanne in the organisation of the European climatestrike summit, she is currently active in the Health for Future movement.


Jennifer Linkmeyer is a trained physiotherapist and studies this discipline in the interdisciplinary degree program Occupational Therapy / Logopedics / Physiotherapy in Hildesheim. As part of this, she has also completed a minor in Global Health in Amsterdam.
She is involved with the Physios for Planetary Health and co-founded the Health for Future local group in Hildesheim. She joined the Planetary Health Academy team in February 2022.

Former team members:


Sylvia Hartmann is a medical doctor. She is a founding member and the vice-chair of the German Climate Change and Health Alliance. Early during her studies she got interested in the larger influences on human health. Her engagement at the intersection between climate change and health started at the German Medical Students’ Association. As a delegate of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations she participated twice at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2017 and 2018. Sylvia Hartmann has been a speaker for the young generation of doctors on the topic of planetary health at several events auch as the World Health Summit or the Nobel Prize Dialogue.


Felix Bittner supports the Health for Future movement and tries to identify synergies between different groups and projects. He holds a BA in Management of Social Innovations from the Munich University of Applied Sciences and an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics.


Sophie Gepp is a final year medical student at Charité Berlin and holds an MSc Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is an active member of the German Climate and Health Alliance since 2018.


Leah Schirren is a medical student at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and has been involved in Health for Future for over one year. She co-founded the Hamburg group and is accompanying the Planetary Health Academy with a focus on the social media campaign.


Lisa Patzelt is a medical student at the TU Munich. She has been active in environmental and climate protection since school days and is educating herself in Environmental Studies at the Rachel Carson Center of the LMU Munich. She has been involved in the German Climate Change and Health Alliance and especially Health for Future for more than one year.


Louise Hegge is studying medicine at the TU Munich. Since several years, she has been involved in the German Medical Students’ Association (bvmd) and has been active in the German Climate Change and Health Alliance since spring 2019, especially in the Health for Future Initiative.

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